Sylhet Technology is fully equipped to provide online services that special expertize in increasing traffic to a brand new website or transform existing websites into search engine optimized. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important task who want their website to appear as close to the top of the search results. More desirable search positioning translates into more traffic to the websites. More traffic to the websites leads to greater opportunities for businesses to reach their targeted visitors.
There is no magic trick to getting top search results

There is no magic formula or set of rules for a sure-fire way to optimize your site or increase its ranking in search results. Page One ranks are achieved as a result of hard work, ethical practice and search engine optimization know-how. Aid Webs does not have robot-based program for SEO works. We are human beings and we only employ white hat SEO techniques to stand your site on the top of search results.


Research and analysis
Implementing strategy
Detail SEO reporting



SEO Friendly Website Analysis
Website directory structure and URL structure Analysis
Search Engine (SE) Friendly Content/Content Analysis
H1, H2 tag and Image alt tag optimization
Creation of site map and index and Robots.txt file
Site Meta tags


We do in-depth competitor site analysis to study the market trends and keywords. It is very important while implementing SEO strategies. There are some major factors which we consider during competitor analysis

Identify and list 3-5 competitor website
Analyze those website’s structure
Analyze those website’s keywords
Analyze the domain ages
Analyze the number of backlinks of those websites and like authority
Analyze the number of pages indexed


Keyword analysis is an extremely important work to begin SEO campaign. We examine the competitor website’s keywords and then do extensive research on it. A good keyword is what has a balance in competition and search volume. We do assign short tailed and long tailed keywords in balance.


Our Off Page Optimization includes the following process

Search engine submission
Link building
Article distribution
Press release distribution
Social bookmarking submission
Directory submission


Develop a keyword ranking report includes before and current rankings (while availing our SEO package) for you to monitor the progress of your targeted keywords
Provide daily, weekly and monthly detailed SEO report to keep you posted on our SEO tasks done